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  • <i>"Because learning should never stop"</i>


    "Because learning should never stop"

    Educational trips

    Our School is a great place to be a kid. To make school life more enjoyable and to enrich classroom education with direct experiences of life, students are taken on class picnics, educational tours and excursions. Exposing children to newer experiences will arouse their curiosity about the world around them. Hence, we give them opportunities to encounter things they only get to read about so that they feel encouraged to explore and learn more about what lies beyond the four walls of the school and home, and gain confidence to take on the world.

    Summer Camp

    The school conducts summer camp in the month of May for children. Sports, Arts & Crafts, Music, Dance, personality development, academic skill development etc. are some of the activities of this camp to let our children practice and acquire new skills which are otherwise not possible during the school working days. The best teachers and trainers are invited to impart these skills.

    Special Day Celebrations

    All special days and festival celebrations are a real fun affair at Wisdom Valley Global School, be it Diwali, Mother’s day, Baisakhi, Christmas, Holi etc. The children also participate in large scale events like the Family carnivals, Sports Meet, Annual Cultural Day which gives them an excellent platform to become more independent and street smart individuals.