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  • <i>"The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge"</i>

    Admission FAQs

    "The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge"

    Q. What is the Age Criteria for admission ?

    The minimum age of the child as on 31st March’21 should be

    Grade Entry Age
    Play Group 2+ years
    Nursery 3+ years
    Kindergarten 4+ years
    Grade I 5+ years and so on

    Q. Till what class children are being admitted for Academic year 2021-22 ?

    Pre-Nursery to Class IX & XI(All Streams).

    Q. What are the timings of school ?

    The academic session at WVGS begins in the month of April. The school follows same timings during winters and summers from Monday to Saturday:

    Grade/Class Timings Recess duration
    Pre-Nursery to K.G. 09:15 am to 12:30 pm 11:20 am to 11:40 am
    Grade I to VIII 08:15 am to 02:15 pm 11:20 am to 11:40 am

    The working Saturdays are reserved for activity days from Grade I to Grade VIII. The second Saturday of the month remains closed for students. In the event of any change in School timings, the same will be informed to parents.

    Q. What documents do i need to submit for admission ?

    The Admission kit includes Admission form, Medical form, Escorts & ID Card form, transport form, choice for optional sports and Undertaking(s). All these forms need to be completed filled in otherwise application will be rejected. Other mandatory documents required are as given below:

    • Three passport size photographs of Child, Parents/Guardian and escort(s)
    • Attested copy of birth certificate
    • Copy of aadhar card of Child
    • Copy of progress report and original transfer certificate from previous school(for admissions in KG and above)
    • Copy of immunization history and medical form attested by Doctor
    • Attested copy of residence proof
    • Self-attested photo ID proof of Parents/Guardian and escort(s)

    Q. Can parents walkthrough into school anytime for a campus tour ?

    Owing to safety and security reasons, we do not encourage campus walkthroughs. We organize pre-planned campus tour for parents depending upon the time table and schedule of classes to ensure safety of our children. You are cordially invited to come and find out more about our high-achieving, diverse and welcoming school with prior appointment. Do leave your contact details at our office/enquiry form on the website and we will communicate dates of campus tour once finalized.

    Q. What is the transport plan ?

    We have air-conditioned transport fully equipped with GPS and CCTV. Our buses ply almost on 7 – 8 routes. We cover more than 20 kms circumference from the school.

    Q. What will be the class strength ?

    As per CBSE norms, there should be optimum number of students in the class which should not be very large. We adhere to CBSE guidelines.

    Q. Do you have smartclasses and internet facility in your school ?

    Each Grade is equipped with a desktop & projector for providing e-learning solutions. Wisdom Valley constantly innovates in pedagogy, technology and content aimed at enhancing learning experiences. The school has also tied up with Google for e-learning tools.

    Q. What are the extracurricular activities in the school ?

    We offer a wide gamut of extra-curricular activities like art & craft, music & dance, activity labs, activity zones, educational trips and excursions, school clubs, special day celebrations etc. For more details, see Beyond academics page.

    Q. What kind of medical facilities do you provide ?

    We have a well equipped infirmary and staff is trained to provide first aid during the working hours. Doctors are available on call.

    Q. Does the school provide meals to the students?

    Presently, school does not provide meals to the students since it involves additional cost to be borne by parents. In future, if parents are willing to incur additional nominal expenditure towards meals, we will definitely make suitable arrangements for providing balanced diet to our children.

    Q. What is the Curriculum Overview of the school ?

    The academic program is designed to meet the needs of young children. Childhood is a period of rapid growth as children seek means to learn and achieve; they need to nourish their developing mental abilities. Young children need a sound base of experiences that is essential for later learning, a strong sense of self-esteem and excitement & curiosity for learning. It is during this time that children develop higher order thinking skills (HOTS) such as problem solving, critical thinking, creative thinking, societal thinking, reflecting thinking etc. Our Curriculum is planned and developed to create such experiences for your child.

    Q. What facilities do you have ?

    World class infrastructure, spacious AC classrooms (with 100% power back up), child sized imported furniture and equipment, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, swimming pool, well stocked library, open amphitheater, AC auditorium, activity zones, activity studios, labs, dedicated areas for extracurricular activities, infirmary, AC transport and many more.

    Q. Do you have Boarding facility ?

    Presently, we do not have Day Boarding facility. Although, we may plan Day Boarding facility in years to come.

    Q. What kind of outdoor and indoor sports do you provide in the school campus ?

    The sports facilities includes swimming pool, shooting range, horse riding, running track, tennis courts, basketball courts, badminton courts, cricket nets, volleyball, skating rink, gymnastics, table tennis, one acre of football ground and other outdoor and indoor sports.

    Q. Is there any additional fee to be paid which is not mentioned in the brochure / web site ?

    We are very transparent about our fee structure and policies. No additional fee is required to be paid through the year other than the stated fee, except for any voluntary activities like school trips and excursions, optional sports, school day celebrations, annual functions, after school clubs etc.

    Q. What aspects of child safety have been considered ?

    The safety measures adopted by us are generally in compliance with safety guidelines stipulated by statutory bodies to ensure safety of students. The entire building structure is earthquake resistant and is equipped with the latest firefighting equipments in compliance with fire safety norms. There is a 24×7 Building Management System installed on the ground floor with adequate number of high end Internet Protocol (IP) based CCTV cameras and public address system installed at all important locations. The campus is manned by efficient Security Guards throughout the year who only permit authorized access into the campus.

    Q. Do parents contribute in any special ways to the development of School ?

    Our teaching pedagogy encourages parents participation for knowing a child better to develop a sense of belongingness for better nurturing of students. We encourage parents to give genuine feedback and constructive inputs for continuous development of school. To understand more about role of parents, see For parents page.

    Q . Is your school a co-educational school ?


    Q. Are the class rooms air-conditioned ?

    All our classrooms are air-conditioned. We have installed VRV based air-conditioning system in our school building which is the most advanced air-conditioning system.

    Q. Is there any withdrawl policy ?

    A prior notice is a must in case of withdrawal of a student from the school. Irregular attendance, behavioral problems, any kind of ill influence attempted to be created or disciplinary action taken by school authorities might lead to removal of a student from the school.

    Q. What is the Management structure which runs the school ?

    We have an eminent panel of thought leaders and trustees on our Board to guide the school. Mr. Narender Gupta, an industrialist and educationist is the guiding force to achieve high standards in education. Our organization comprises of dedicated and committed faculty and other supporting staff which is led by experienced and dynamic Vice Chairman, Mr. Sachin Garg.

    Q. To which group Wisdom Valley Global School belongs to ?

    Wisdom Valley Global School belongs to Narendra Group, Faridabad. The group companies are Styricchem (P) Ltd., Narendra Gravure (P) Ltd, Narendra Polymers (P) Ltd., K.R. Thermopack (P) Ltd., Narendra Flexipack Co. (P) Ltd., Lifestyle Mattresses (P) Ltd. and Shriram College of Engineering and Management, Palwal.

    Q. What is the Vision that guides your School ?

    Wisdom Valley aims to create safe and stimulating learning environment for young minds that develops them into global citizens who will responsibly contribute to society with acquired knowledge, skills, values and ethics.