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  • Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi. Sr Sec Affiliation no. - 531662
  • <i>“School is the path, not the point. Choose your child’s path carefully”</i>

    Why Wisdom Valley

    “School is the path, not the point. Choose your child’s path carefully”

    World Class Infrastructure

    We have developed world class infrastructure which is comparable to top schools in country.

    Global benchmarked facilities

    The facilities offered by the school are truly world class and we are putting our continuous and never ending efforts to provide best facilities to the extent possible.

    Global learning environment

    Our management team and school staff is dedicated to provide safe and stimulating learning environment to extract best out of child.

    STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) focus

    We follow the National Curriculum framework and enhance it by having a particular focus on STEM.

    Safety Standards

    The safety measures adopted by us are in compliance with safety guidelines stipulated by statutory bodies to ensure safety of students. The entire campus is under IP based CCTV surveillance including classrooms and school transport.

    Optimum class strength

    Our class has optimum number of students which creates more one-one teaching opportunities to focus on individual as well as group learning.

    Activity Day

    Saturdays are dedicated for various Co-curricular activities, clubs, remedial classes, competitions, industry visits, excursions and other beyond academic activities to engage students into experiential learning.

    Sports and extracurricular activities

    With plethora of extra-curricular activities supported by requisite infrastructure required, sports and extracurricular activities are a focus area.


    We are in process of tying up with British Council, Microsoft, Google for education etc. for exchange programs for providing global outlook to our children. We have engaged Tata Class edge for e-learning.

    We strive to achieve excellence in each and every domain of learning and infrastructure to earn world class status. The enormous amount of development of school is due to following reasons:

    • School development is constant, continuous and never ending strong feature at Wisdom Valley.
    • Management, Staff, children and parents are ambitious and the pace of development is fast.
    • We follow all the guidelines which are stipulated by Government bodies, statutory bodies and ensure enforcement of same.
    • We are devising and implementing innovative learning techniques for all round development of children.