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  • <i>"An investment in education pays the best return"</i>

    Fee Policy

    "An investment in education pays the best return"

    The parents are requested to adhere to the rules and regulations laid down below for payment of fee.

    School fee, transport charges and other mandatory fee is payable on quarterly basis i.e. 3 months fee at a time and late fine is applicable as per the details given below.

    Quarter Last date of payment Late Fine (for payment between)
    April-June 10th April 11th April to 20th April – Rs.10/- per day.

    21st April to 30th April – Rs.20/- per day.

    1st May to 31st May – Rs.30/- per day.

    July-September 10th July 11th July to 20th July – Rs.10/- per day.

    21st July to 31st July – Rs.20/- per day.

    1st August to 31st August – Rs.30/- per day.

    October-December 10th October 11th October to 20th October – Rs.10/- per day.

    21st October to 31st October – Rs.20/- per day.

    1st November to 30th November – Rs.30/- per day.

    January-March 10th January 11th January to 20th January- Rs.10/- per day.

    21st January to 31st January- Rs.20/- per day.

    1st February to 28th February – Rs.30/- per day.


    1. The late fine is applicable from the due date of respective quarter upto date of payment. In case of bounced cheque, additional penalty of Rs. 300 will be levied and cheque may not be accepted in future. No exemption from the late fee will be given under any circumstances. (Date of Payment is the actual date of realisation in bank, parents are advised to deposit fee well in advance in case of Bank Holidays etc.)

    2. Fee will not be accepted after 31st May, 31st August, 30th November and 28th Februaryand name of the student will be struck off from the School rolls in case the fee is not paid till 31st May, 31st August, 30th November and 28th February. In case re-admission is granted which is entirely at the discretion of the Principal, readmission fee will be charged in addition to the arrears of fee including the fine.

    3. Partial payment of fee is not accepted by the School and part payment will be treated as non-payment and late fine and penalty will be applicable till the complete payment is made.

    4. Transport fee (or any other fee as per fee structure) should be paid along with the school fee. To start or to discontinue the use of transport service, one month’s notice will have to be given before the quarter starts otherwise whole quarter fee will be charged.

    5. Students will be permitted to appear for the examination only if the dues have been cleared and a “No Dues” certificate has been obtained prior to the commencement of the examination.

    6. Parents should not give cash to bus staff etc. and should ask for cash receipt at the time of deposit of cash in accounts office.