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  • <i>“It’s not just about exchanging culture or knowledge; it’s about making friends globally”

    Exchange Programs

    “It’s not just about exchanging culture or knowledge; it’s about making friends globally”

    With a prospect of sharing and seeking optimal, efficient and functional ideas across the globe, WVGS is indulged into various international programs and sessions for its students. With International Connect, WVGS ensures that the students are exposed in a way which would be beneficial for them in the global environment. WVGS encourages students to participate in several Model United Nations (MUN) conferences. It is an academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participant’s civic and current affairs, effective communication, global issues and multilateral diplomacy.

    Apart from this, the school is also engaged in various School Immersion Programs. We encourage our students to visit neighboring and other countries. These cultural and academic exchange programs serve as a learning basis for our students in a fruitful way. The school also practices Collaborative Learning in order to share and spread novel ideas with various educational institutions around the globe and eventually circulating quality education on a larger forefront. The various international sessions/workshops and expert talks focus on international and multi-cultural aspect in our academic program and also prepare students for the challenging future.

    School children prepare cultural boxes and send them to schools across the world which is reciprocated by the receiving schools. Students reap many rewards from an exchange experience, including:

    • Serving as an ambassador for their country and community.
    • Benefiting from immersion in another culture while adapting to a new way of life.
    • Making lifelong friends, not only within the host country but also with other students from around the world.
    • Learning about the practices and accomplishments of people in other countries.
    • Returning home with a greater sense of the world and a deeper understanding of themselves and their culture.
    • Assuming leadership roles shaped by lessons from the experience.
    • Building memories that will be with them forever.